Wool Snow Boots
Wool Snow Boots
Wool Snow Boots
Wool Snow Boots
Wool Snow Boots
Wool Snow Boots
Wool Snow Boots

Wool Snow Boots

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Made to protect you from the cold and chills caused by the snow. Made from combined thick materials such as wool, cotton, and synthetic leather perfected to protect your feet.

It has a soft fluffy inner layer, perfect for long walks; comfortable to wear and not irritating. Beautifully designed without compromising comfort. It helps you enjoy your snowy environment.


  • Feet Protection

It will serve as your feet’s outer protection from the cold and icy surroundings. Thick enough to keep your feet protected from chills and even soreness on the sole of your feet.

  • Thick Sole

It has a thick sole for exceptional absorption of shock and pressure from walking or exercise, providing comfort and a taller appearance.

  • Comfortable

With soft and fluffy lining on top and inside, thick insole makes for jelly-like footstep.

  • Beautiful Designs

Comes in beautiful and unique designs, keeping you stylish and fashionable even while in cold. Fits well with any winter outfits, helps you achieve the picture-perfect look you’ve ever wanted.

  • Durable

Made from wool, cotton, and synthetic leather, which are highly durable. Can stand the test of time with proper care and maintenance.


Sole Material: Rubber

Size: 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43

Color: Black, Beige, Purple, Brown

Package Includes

1 Pair of  Wool Snow Boots