Magnetic Shoelaces Buckle

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Secure Your Shoes Without Ever Tying The Laces Again!

No more hassle and stress from untying and tying your shoelaces when you’re in a rush!


If that sounds great to you, try our Magnetic Shoelaces Buckle to ease up your life and save yourself some time!

This product will enable you to wear your favourite shoes by just slipping into them with the easy fasten and unfasten feature! Magnetic Shoelaces Buckle is perfect for people with disabilities, elderlies and small children, offering your life ease and safety.

No worries! Our Specially Designed Powerful Magnetic Buckles Are Sturdy and Heavy Duty!

Actually, they are perfect even for sports! Will NOT pop off when you walk, jump, run, kneel during any exercise!

Thanks to the revolutionary design and powerful magnets, Magnetic Shoelaces Buckle will stay locked, withstanding whatever you do!


No More Shoelace Tying For You

The fastest and easiest way to get in and out of shoes. Just lace our powerful magnets onto your own shoes and never tie laces again.

Premium Quality Magnets

High-tech magnets are incredibly strong. They can hold up to 17lbs of force and stay secure for running, parkour, going to the gym, or playing recreational sports. 

Classy Design

No more ugly messy bows. Just a clean looking shoe.

Easiest Solution

Without laces, your shoes double as easy slippers. Slip into wide open shoes as if there were no laces at all. 

Durable Use

Different from regular shoelaces, the Magnetic Shoelaces Buckle are very durable and heavy-duty, can be cleaned and used over and over again easily.


Length: 1m*7mm

Color: Black, Black/Yellow, Gray, Pink, Green, Purple, White, Black/White


2x Shoelaces

2x Magnetic Buckles