2-in-1 Egg Cracker & Separator
2-in-1 Egg Cracker & Separator

2-in-1 Egg Cracker & Separator

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Indispensable Accessory in the Kitchen!! Designed for easy opening of fresh / boiled eggs, perfect for preparing cakes and delicious snacks / desserts!
  • Make Breakfast Fast & Easy — Crack the egg with no mess or bits of shell in your food. Making delicious and nutritious egg white omelets.

  • Egg Cracker + Separator — The Egg Separator will catch the yolk and let the white through. Quickly separates eggs white & yolk.

  • Cleverly DesignedPractical handheld, Loops size 1.4 Inches, sturdy construction with comfy curve plastic integrated design, space-saving design for compact storage, beautiful and practicable.

  • Dishwasher Safe — BPA free FDA approved and economic friendly, portable and easy to use.


  1. Attach the egg separator (if necessary)
  2. Place the egg into the cracker's cradle 
  3. Squeeze both handles together to crack the egg. Dispose the egg shell.

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